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Shel is the creative genius you need in your life. I was feeling so stuck with my business and branding and didn't know where to start. Shel heard all of my needs plus ones I didn't know I needed. She got to know me at a soul level and created the brand of my dreams that truly encapsulated my truest essence. She made me feel comfortable and safe to express my true self and embrace all the lovable quirks. She helped me create a brand that is unique to me and made me so proud and excited to show the world. I cannot express enough gratitude for her! 


Where do I begin, working with Shel changed everything for me. Before working with her, I was so confused in my messaging and branding. I would get lost in the trends and lose my authenticity and I lacked confidence because of it. Right before I was about to drop everything and give up I had a session with Shel...and well everything changed! I am now booking 1:1 sessions, selling a digital copy of my planner online and was recently just approached by a local trendy shop that would like to carry my planner in hard copy.  She just cares so much. Talk about complete transformation!


Doubled my revenue, grew my email list and I was finally able to outsource! Working with Shel was like having coffee dates with a girlfriend/ personal cheerleader who delivered knowledge, value, and support both in my business and personal life <3 I not only learned important strategies and guidelines to propel my business forward, but also developed skills to become the Sol CEO of my company that I aspired to be. I was working with a coach prior and was the missing organization, timely communication, and a personalized plan~ Shel exceeded my expectations in all areas! 

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